Free Samples


Looking for FREE legitimate samples? Either you love to received FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES (Just like us!) or you are searching for some free samples to try on or what-so-ever reason, check it out here at Malaysia's Giveaways & Freebies - Free Samples page!

FREE SAMPLES on Baby's/Mummy's products
* FREE Diapers samples: 
   (i) MamyPoko (Members only! Register for free!!!)
   (ii) Huggies (Members only! Register for free!!!)
   (iii) Drypers (Members only! Register for free!!!)

* FREE Milk powder samples:
   (i) Enfarow
   (ii) Sustagen 
   (iii) Anmum (Members only! Register for free!!!)
   (iv) Dumex (Members only! Register for free!!!)
   (v) Wyeth nutrition (Register required!!!)
   (vi) Mead Johnson (Mead Johnson Free Sample Request (Register to redeem) OR SMS to redeem)
   (vii) Friso Gold (Members only! Register for free!!!)

FREE SAMPLES on Female's products
* FREE Feminie Hygiene wash
   (i) Lactacyd
* FREE Sanitary napkins samples
   (i) Libresse (via Facebook)
   (ii) Poise
   (iii) Laurier
   (iv) Kotex

* Adult formulated milk powder (i.e. Ensure® FOS & Glucerna® Triple Care) Abbott Nutrition -  (Members only! Register for free!!!)
* Adult Diapers: TENA, Certainty

*** Some free sample requests required you to register as their member (Free to register) 
*** Come back often to check for updates.
*** Some free samples offer limited time/quantity only will be posted on the "Home" page, under label "Freebies" 
*** Updated as at 1 November 2014