Friday, 15 June 2012

FREEBIES - [ENDED] FREE Movie Screenings in GSC Setia City Mall

* Head over to the 9 screen GSC Setia City Mall from this Saturday, June 16 - 20 (Wed) for free screenings! Check out the cinema prior to the official opening on June 21
* The movies selected are
   - "John Carter 2D", 
   - "Titanic 3D", 
   - "Mirror Mirror", 
   - "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 2D", 
   - "Wrath of the Titans 3D", 
   - "The Hunger Games", 
   - "Adnan Sempit 2", 
   - Hong Kong movie "Simple Life" and 
   - Tamil movie "3"
To get free movie tickets, just print out the GSC Setia City Mall free screening coupon or cut out any original GSC cinema listings via the newspaper
* One coupon / clipping entitles 2 tickets
* Each person will be limited to four tickets (maximum)
* Terms and conditions apply