Saturday, 17 March 2012

CONTEST - [ENDED] Win a Samsung Notebook SERIES 5 ULTRA

* Samsung Ultra, Max it up
* Click the ‘Go’ button on the Event tab provided by Fan page.
* Allow the app
* Click the ‘Start’ button to start the Event
* Enjoy the Samsung Notebook SERIES 5 ULTRA (the “ULTRA”) music video and click "Join Event".
* Invite your Facebook friends and fill up the harddrive of the ULTRA with your favorites
* Points will be accumulated by making invitations that are accepted by your friends, and by storing your favorites in the harddrive. The entrant with the most points will win a ULTRA.If there is a tie, then the first person who got the highest score will be the winner
* Contest Period: 15 March 2012 - 15 May 2012
* Winners will be selected every three weeks, as follows:
[Season1] Mar.15.2012 ~ Apr.03.2012
[Season2] Apr.04.2012 ~ Apr.23.2012
[Season3] Apr.24.2012 ~ May.15.2012
* Prizes:  Samsung Notebook SERIES 5 ULTRA 

Click here to join